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I've got a girlfriend.

She rocks fuckin hardcore. I'm happier right now than I've been in almost a year, and it's only gotten better so far. :D

Life is good once again. :)
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hey congrates man.
i saw in royal oak the other nite and i was gonna say hi, but i didnt know if you wouldve remembered me. so i didnt say anything. sorry about that.
check ya later
I musta missed u down there. If ya ever see me down there feel free to say hi, even if I forget u it's no biggie, I forget people all the time. :) Hell, gimme a call some time, we could hang out and find somethin to get into. 435-6959
whoa! pete who's the lucky gal?
Her name is Kasie, I know her from downtown. I've known her for about a year now, and I've always been attracted to her, but never said anything. Apparently she's liked me for awhile too, and it finally all came out last week. I'll have to introduce you guys sometime, she rocks. I'm smilin just sittin here thinkin about her. :)
YAY! Girlfriends rawk out so hardkore!

Singledom sucks... but at least you made it out :P