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Hey everyone

Long time no see. Finally got my computer up and runnin again. Yippee!..........

Weird fuckin dream last nite. It was like "The Ring" meets "Scooby Doo" meets "Resident Evil".

I was stuck in some weird old house out in the middle of nowhere, with like 3 friends of mine. Weird shit was happening and there was some phantom like creature after us all. I was armed with a rifle, and my friends had pistols, yet the creature seemed to be completely unaffected by the bullets. It'd slow it down a little bit, but it'd just keep coming after us. Finally after runnin from this thing for what seemed like hours we seemed to escape from it in the basement. We had just got a light working down there when we were confronted by our own evil twins. Bullets didn't do shit against the clones either. We ended up succeedin in locking the twins in some storage room in the basements, when we noticed a breeze coming from under the stairs.

We moved a buncha shit out of the way, and ripped down the wall right next to the stairs, only to find another set of stairs leading further down into what turned out to be some sort of dungeon. We got down the stairs, narrowly missing getting our heads removed by a booby trap that send a guillotine crashing down on us. The dungeon was even darker and creepier than the basement had been, but it sounded like there was someone down there that was struggling and needed our help. We got a torch burning, and discovered another one of our friends chained to the wall and hanging over a pit of broken glass, wasting away to almost nothing. Just then we heard a crash, as our evil twins broke free from the room.

We struggled with em for what seemed like an eternity, but ended up throwing em into the pit of glass. We built a bridge over the pit, and succeded in rescuing our friend, only to be completely double crossed. Turned out it wasn't actually our friend, it was the phantom. It then used it's powers to magically chain us all to the walls, where we were to be left to wither away to nothing over the next few miserable weeks.

Luckily that's where I woke up. Weird fuckin shit. It really kinda genuinely disturbed me tho. So much for a good night's sleep.
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