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Weird Shit

Yet another weird fuckin dream last nite.......

This time I was a ninja turtle (Leonardo I think), trying to rescue Raphael. He had been kidnapped by some dude that was a complete parapalegic. The parapalegic guy had made himself a suit so he could move, and setup a complex security system in some rundown loft in the ghetto, all controlled by a video game controller that he had for his left hand. We were having a helluva time getting past all his security, cause apparently the kid was a video game whiz. We finally succeeded in getting into the house and disconnecting the power to the security so we could get up to the top floor to rescue Raph, but it seemed that the guy had his suit hooked up to a UPS so he could move even if he lost power. His suit gave him super strength, and since he was a video game whiz especially at fighting games like Mortal Kombat n shit, he was holding his own against me n the other 2 turtles. We finally seemed to be turning the tide and beating him when I woke up.

Weeeeeeeird Fucking Shit.

Especially since it's been well over two years since I've done acid now.
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